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Thermal Scopes

Thermal scopes is now one of the top selling products to elevate your hunting experience. In a competitive category it can easily become more challenging to choose the right product for you. Compare it to any other thermal product, and you will see why thermal scopes are often the most popular choice.

Each product is covered by a manufacturers warranty, so you can feel more confident that your thermal scope will last – or we’ll help you replace it!

Thermal scopes are the best choice for low-light and nighttime applications due to their ability to detect heat signatures and provide clear visibility in complete darkness, adverse weather conditions, and challenging environments!

Thermal scope in action

How Do Thermal Scopes Work?

Deer hunting

Target detection and identification

Thermal scopes can detect temperature differences, allowing users to identify living beings and objects even if they are concealed behind foliage, camouflage, or obstacles.

Rabbit hunting

No need for visible light

Traditional scopes or night vision devices often require some form of visible light, which can give away the user's position. Thermal scopes do not emit or rely on visible light.

Magnification on a thermal scope

Long range capabilities

Allows users to spot and engage targets at distances that may be challenging with traditional optics

What's Included

  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Original boxing
  • Instruction manual
  • Essential cords and adaptors

Thermal Scopes For Night Hunting

Thermal scopes utilise thermal imaging technology to detect heat signatures, rendering animals visible in complete darkness.

Unlike traditional night vision optics, thermal scopes do not rely on ambient light, providing unparalleled visibility in pitch-black environments. This capability allows hunters to track and identify game with exceptional clarity, making it an invaluable asset for night time hunting.

The use of thermal scopes not only enhances safety by avoiding obstacles but also significantly improves the success rate of night hunts

Guide TU650 Thermal Scope

Guide Thermal Scope


Hikmicro Stellar SH50 Thermal Scope

Hikmicro Stellar SH50 Thermal Scope


Hikmicro Thunder TE25 2.0 Thermal Scope

Hikmicro thunder te25 thermal scope


Thermal Scopes For Sale

  • Pard SA32-35 Thermal Scope side view Sale
    PARD Pard SA32-35 Thermal Scope
    from $2,790.00

    Pard SA32-35 thermal scope is well equipped with a precision range finder and a real time ballistics calculator The SA-PLUS Range from PARD are th...

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